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Mercurio provides a comprehensive range of services tailored for any needs. Flexibility has always been one of our most important pluses.


Mercurio is organized to manage all the development stages of a turn-key industrial energy plant.

Due to the flexibility acquired, we are able to modify our project structure according to our customer’s needs.

With the great experience acquired in the development of plants, Mercurio pays particular attention to construction details and makes sure that the engineering work is complete and adapts to the needs of rapid installation, quality and safety required on site.


01Feasibility study

First step for project approach is our engineering.
Our team is fully available and committed to find the best technology and solution applicable for your plant:

  • Heat and Mass Balance
  • Technical/Economic analysis
  • Authorizations


Starting from the elements obtained from the customer at a preliminary stage, MERCURIO is able to develop a complete plant project from white paper to the start up. Main products of this phase are:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Multidisciplinary Engineering

Multidisciplinary engineering, mechanical, chemical, structural, electrical, and instrumental engineering are disciplines we master in everyday projects.
Our horizontal and young structure and the markets we work in, allow us to manage in the best way all the needed resources at a proper cost, staying in this business with competitive level.
Being our projects all “not standardized” we can bring our experience as engineering and as onsite problem solving to your very project. These skills set allow us (customer and MERCURIO as team) to minimize technological and financial risk.

03EPC Contractor

Mercurio can operate as a general contractor and take over the entire execution of the plant.

We are able to guarantee the quality and the timing of every single project phase due to senior project management skills.

Project management is a fundamental activity for a plant project to be successful.

More specifically, the main objectives that Mercurio pursues at each stage of the project are as follows:

  • Compliance with time requirements
  • Cost optimization
  • Compliance with the best quality standards
  • Constant and effective coordination with the customer and suppliers

Supplies are carefully monitored one by one by Mercurio purchasing department and they are managed through an effective IT system that can be accessed by all staff working on the project.

Punctuality & precision are the strength points we can show with this service.

04Long-term Service Agreement

Mercurio offers preventive and corrective maintenance services to maintain high reliability and efficiency of the CHP plant.

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Satisfy your energetic demand with the best technologies

MERCURIO provides customized cogeneration solutions based on turbogas technology or endothermic engine, starting from 1 MWe up to 30 MWe.